Naviance is a web-based, data management system. This program is used by our counseling department to keep track of Corona del Mar High School student data including student GPAs, standardized test scores, college choices, college application information and a personality and career assessment.  
CdM students are registered and trained on the Naviance Family Connection.  
Every junior will go through the Naviance training in their first semester. In this training juniors become familiar with:·         
How to access their personal site·                    
How to organize their college planning and search process·                    
How to obtain general college information·                    
How to access specific college websites

Where to find scholarship information

How to analyze his/her GPA and test information in relation to former (anonymous) CDM students' data in determining prospective colleges that might be a good fit


The college data in Family Connection allows a student to search for the right individual college matches. Using Family Connection, students can store a personal game plan, and develop: 
A list of possible careers and majors
A resume
A list of colleges a student is considering
A list of colleges to which he/she is applying
College application tasks
Application results 
Any identifying information on Naviance is private and can only be accessed by the student, parents or the counseling department. Students can also be contacted by e-mail about college visits, deadlines, surveys and other pertinent college information from the counseling department.  
Log In Directions:
In order to access Naviance Family Connection, a student must have been registered during a Naviance training lesson or by the counseling department.
All sophomores, juniors and seniors should be registered. Check with your counselor if you do not think you are registered.
The student can then log onto Family Connection.
Username: Your first and last names together (no space) with first letter in each name capitalized (for example: MarySmith) 
Password: Your six digit student ID number - If you have a five digit student ID number, add a 0 to the front of it. 
PARENTS and Naviance:  
Parents: You will have the ability to log in to see what your student is doing on Naviance. You will be able to do your own research, however parents are not able to add or subtract colleges from their student’s list.  
Parent trainings will be offered for parents of juniors and sophomores.  
You may log in as a guest.
Go to the Family Connection link above.
Click "I'm a guest."  
Enter guest password: go2college
For questions regarding Naviance, please feel free to contact the CDMHS College Programs Coordinator at 949-515-6000 Ext:6021